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What is LesbianNightLife® and LesbianNightLife.com®?

LesbianNightlife®serves the lesbian community in two ways. The first is LesbianNightLife.com, which is both an online event posting service as well as an online community promoting and supporting women and women's events nationwide. Our goal is to strengthen Lesbian NightLife®everywhere by providing a free guide to the people and places that make nightlife happen throughout the country.

Second, LesbianNightLife®is an events management, promotional, and production agency that offers lesbian events to the public. We produce many of our own events including Memorial Day Weekend in Provincetown, our Annual Fusion Women's Pool Party, and recently our Stargaze Women's Art, Music, and Creative Camping Festival. We team up with other clubs and promoters for LesbianNightLife® promotional parties where we also have contests and giveaways.

If you are a bar or nightclub interested in having a LesbianNightLife® promo party at your venue email us at info [at] LesbianNightLife.com

Check out these Annual LesbianNightLife® Events.

How do I Post my event on LesbianNightLife®?

Posting your events on LesbiannightLife®is easy. First, go to the city or state your event will be taking places, and then fill out our submission form and get your event online. You must be in the proper state for your submission to get entered in the correct area. (ie - you cannot post to Los Angeles if you are in the Wisconsin site). Also have a flyer or ad ready to upload. Images should be at least 400px in width and/or lenth - your square Facebook timeline ads work nicely.

What is a Featured Event?
When you feature your event in our "Features" area of the local and/home main homepage. Featuring your event makes it stand out among the other events and highlights it as a special attraction.

How do I Feature my event on LesbianNightLife®?

Contact us at beth [at] lesbiannightlife.com to inquire about featuring your event.

What is a LesbianNightLife® Partner Event?

How do I get LesbianNightLife® to sponsor my event?

There are many options for LesbianNightLife® sponsorships available. Please email us for details ( info@LesbianNightLife.com )


Find out the Benefits of advertising your business/product on LesbiannightLife.com®.

Our website is viewed my millions of people nationwide each year. There are enormous advantages to advertising your business/product on LesbiannightLife.com®. To find out more about our advertising options download our advertising packet here –or- email us at sales@LesbianNightLife.com for more details.


Sponsor LesbianNightLife.com®

Help support LesbianNightLife® by sponsoring our website. You can make a donation to LesbianNightLife®via PayPal by clicking the button below.

How do I become part of the LesbianNightLife® promotions team?

LesbianNightLife® currently has promoters in locations all over the US, which help spread the word about LesbianNightLife® and hold LesbiannightLife® events in their respective cities. To become a part of the team, you must actively be part of your local scene and up for helping the cause to promote LesbianNightLife and its affiliates where you are. If you want to talk to us about being a LesbiannightLifeâ„¢ representative in your area, contact us at ( info @ LesbiannightLife.com )

How can I become regular writer for LesbianNightLife.com®?

We’re always keen to give aspiring writers a chance to show off their skills to the community. If you’d like to be a writer, LesbianNightLife® is a good place to start. Let us know about you by emailing us at content@LesbainNightLife.com or simply submit your article, review, interview, story or writings by clicking on ‘Submit Content’ in the menu board and follow the directions for your submission.